Hi, I'm Sara. 

I design engaging learning experiences. 

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Functions of behaviour 500px

Identifying the Function of Behaviour

This eLearning course guides users through a scenario-based experience where they learn how to identify the function of a student's behaviour.

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theory 500 x 357

Theory-Based eLearning 

Want to know how I ground my design decisions in the theory and science of learning? Check out this video! 

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wiring 500 x 357

Wiring Procedures Module

This eLearning module teaches users about wire stripping, which is the first step of wiring installation. 

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Terrarium 500 x 357

How to Build a Terrarium

Interested in creating your own terrarium at home? This short eLearning interaction guides users through the steps they can take to create their own at home. 

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hiking 500 x 357

Hiking 10 Essentials

This short eLearning interaction explores the 10 essentials one should always take hiking. 

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car charger 500px

Electric Car Charger Instructions

This visual set of instructions outlines how to use BC Hydro's electric car charging stations. 

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Community Project Plant Guide

I created this plant guide for participants of a local community's butterfly garden initiative. This guide outlines information about the plants participants received. 

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