Electric Car Charger Instructions

car charger 780px


This visual set of instructions outlines how to use BC Hydro's electric car charging stations. 


Tool Used: 

  •   • Adobe Illustrator 
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Sometimes, instructions benefit from the inclusion of visuals, especially when explaining lengthy or complex processes. I was inspired to create this visual after using one of BC Hydro's electric car charging stations. I found the instructions at the station to be unclear, and I was surprised to see later on that the online instructions were presented in a text-based format. I decided to use visuals to create an engaging and user-friendly set of instructions.


I started with hand-drawn sketches, laying out the information that should be included and planning how I would use visuals to show the process. I then edited the text substantially to simplify the instructions for users and searched for images to inspire my design. I created multiple iterations with Adobe Illustrator until I was happy with the final product, and tried to choose colours that were on-brand. Principles of design were applied throughout the document to easily guide readers through the process.

BC hydro iterations