Hiking 10 Essentials

hiking 780px


This short eLearning interaction explores the 10 essentials one should always take hiking. ​


Tools Used: 

  • • Articulate Storyline
  • • Adobe Illustrator 
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I designed this project for the eLearning Heroes Challenge #316: How are Designers Using Lightbox Slides in eLearning? Lightboxes are a great way to provide learners with additional information without having to leave the slide. Learners can choose the material they want to explore in more detail and view it at their own pace. 


I decided to use a hiking theme, as I've noticed that hiking has become very popular here in BC, especially in the last year during the pandemic. With an increased number of people heading to the mountains, you hear of more people getting into bad situations because they are unprepared for the conditions and unforgiving landscape.


As an avid hiker, I was already familiar with the 10 essentials to bring on a hike, but I also referenced North Shore Search and Rescue's "What to Bring" article as it provides great in-depth information about each of the items. After planning the information I wanted to include, I found vector images on Freepik, which I edited to create a similar colour palette. I then used Articulate Storyline to create the interaction.