How to Build a Terrarium

Terrarium 780px


This short eLearning interaction guides users through the steps they can take to create their terrarium. 


Tools Used: 

  • • Articulate Storyline
  • • Adobe Illustrator 
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I was inspired to create this project after finding a set of vector graphics on Freepik. I used this project to learn more about animations and triggers in Articulate Storyline. I decided to create a Step Graphic, as it allows users to walk through the process at their own pace, and chunks content into easily digestible information. 


Terrarium Nature green plant in glass garden, plant on decoration natural botany vector cartoon illustration isolated on white. Process of growing a garden in a bottle. Succulent, tree, flower.

 This is the original vector image I used from Freepik. The project required quite a bit of editing using Adobe Illustrator. For many of the steps, I had to remove items from the image and save them as separate files for the animations. For some scenes, I had to choose single pieces of soil or rocks and time their animated entrance in Articulate Storyline. 


This is the second version of this eLearning interaction. The first version automatically timed each scene, but upon further reflection, I decided it was best to let users have control over the speed of this experience as not all users read at the same pace. Additionally, I wanted to provide users with the flexibility to review content as needed.