Theory-Based eLearning  

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This video highlights how I ground my design decisions in the theory and science of learning. 


Tools Used: 

  • • Vyond 
  • • Adobe Illustrator 
  • • Audacity 
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I believe that high-quality learning experiences should be grounded in learning theory. That is because learning theory provides verified instructional strategies that are based on the research of how people learn. I created this video to show how I use learning theory in my design choices.


After establishing my own personal learning philosophy and identifying situational factors of potential clients, I chose the learning models I wanted to focus on for my video. I then created a visual storyboard to structure how I would present the content and a script that outlined the narration. I used Vyond to create the video, with additional images added from Freepik that I edited using Adobe Illustrator. I also used Audacity to record and edit the narration.