Wiring Procedures Module

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This eLearning module teaches users about wire stripping, which is the first step of wiring installation procedures. ​


Tools Used: 

  • • Articulate Storyline
  • • Adobe Photoshop
  • • Adobe Illustrator 
  • • Adobe XD
  • • Vyond
  • • Audacity
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This is a concept project I created for my portfolio. It teaches production line technicians proper wiring procedures. I created this project in response to an issue a subject matter expert saw at their workplace. Their company noticed indications of poor workmanship in electrical products, and clients reported product failures that appeared to be linked to unreliable wiring. Upon further investigation, the company found inconsistencies with wiring procedures on the production line. These inconsistencies were due to a lack of knowledge about proper techniques, tools, and quality standards. 



I decided to create an eLearning module in response to this problem. This module would be best paired with a hands-on workshop so employees can practice the skill. 


I worked with the subject matter expert to clarify the performance problem and to determine the skills technicians needed to know. I even tried stripping and crimping wires, and took photos of the process for the course.  

wiring course process 780px

After creating a text-based storyboard, I drafted design mockups using Adobe XD. Some of the photographs in this module are from Freepik, and the others are ones I photographed and edited using Adobe Photoshop. I edited vector images from Freepik with Adobe Illustrator, and Articulate Storyline was used to create the course. Additionally, I created a video using Vyond to introduce learners to the purpose of the course.

Final Product

After completing Module 1, I sent out the course to a sample group with a Kirkpatrick level 1 survey. Feedback from the survey was used to make improvements to the module. At this time, only Module 1 is complete.